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The scientific method involves the application of observation, empirical evidence and reasoning in an effort to acquire and expand knowledge. You can use the term science loosely to describe any scientific investigation. A Star Trek Fan could engage in a systematic study of Klingon lineage and call the work a science. I believe, the term "Science" is best restricted to studies of nature involving the scientific method.

Real science has proven to be one of the most effective tools for improving our understanding of this universe, and in improving the quality of human life. I consider such science to be one of the most satisfying and beneficial uses of the human mind, and I actively encourage people to pursue a study of science.

I hold science in esteem, but the stuff I am working on is not science.

This index page has links to articles and blog posts where the term "science" appears. In most cases, the articles are comments on what I consider to be an abuse of science.

Progressive Science

I've experimented with using "progressive science" as a negative term. My thought was to use this term in cases where people use improper claims to science to support political causes. A person who claims their political views are scientific is not employing the scientific method.

People who use claims of science to support a political belief are apt to misuse the scientific method.

Scientists tend to be extremely well educated and their opinions generally have merit; however, a political opinion expressed by a scientist is still a political opinion. The political opinion of a scientist is not science.

I reject the notion that science is the exclusive domain of any political camp. There are aspects of science which are progressive (the detailed analysis of nature generally leads to progress.) There are aspects of science which are Conservative. The fact that science must be grounded by empirical evidence is extremely conservative. Science, however, is apolitical.

Scientific Society

Science has a great reputation. As a result, I think many people had hoped that the great thinkers of the world would find a way to create a scientific society. For that matter, I fear that many people fell for the idea that socialism is scientific and the free market is not.

When trying to imagine a scientific society, I find myself immediately caught up on the question of what one would mean by such a society. Is it one where the people are treated as specimins in a laboratory, or one where there is a high regard for science?

I am horrified by the first idea. The society where people have a high esteem for science is not really being run by science as the people in the society would transcend science.

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