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A large number of problems in logic, mathematics and computer programs revolve around the question of multiplicity. That is the relation between the one, the many and the all.


The Ionian and Eleatic Schools of Ancient Greece discussed the attributes of the elemental substance. They found logical absurdity when they assumed there was a multiplicity to the elemental substance. Parmenides developed the idea that the elemental substance was a mystrious thing called "The One."

This system that believed in "The One" is called Monism.


Ancient cultures tended to have a plethora of Gods. The Jewish Religion established a religious tradition where people believe that there is one God.


In the mathematics of Perspective, one has the interesting choice of treating the frame as a single unit or as a grid. In the pixel system, you choose an resolution for the picture (such as 400 pixels by 300 pixels. You can then refer to the elements in the picture with integers.

You can also treat the frame as the unit. In this case, you can refer to all of the elements in the picture with floating point numbers (of any desired precision) between 0 and 1.

Computer Programming

Both the process of normalizing a database and the control structures of database languages are about controlling the multiplicity. For example, there is a one to many relation between the code in the main program and the code in a four loop. e.g.

  print "Main ";
  for (i=0; i<5; i++) {
    print i;
  //This code prints:
  // Main 01234;
  // Code inside the for loop runs multiple times..

An if/else statement actually has a many-one relation between the main program and the inside of the if/else statement.

Transfinite Theory

Transfinite Theory claims to have found a fundamental dichotomy between the denumerable and nondenumerable sets. Nondenumerable sets have a transcendental multiplicity.

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