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The work Rich Theory is largely about the role that paradox plays in discourse. Although the word "paradox" appears in my writing hundreds of times, I don't think it paradox, in and of itself, is a good avenue for thought.

I agree with Aristotle and Kronecker that paradox should be pushed to the side. My rants on Foundational Dialectics are pretty much based on a belief that modern thinkers have made paradox a foundational issue, and that much of the misery of the modern world (two world wars, pograms, and atrocities) are the result of this radicalization.

Reflexive Paradox

One of the most common paradoxes happens when one combines a self reference with a negation. For example the statement "This sentence is false." is paradoxical.

Some argue the negation is not necessary as the statement "This sentence is true" is every bit as paradoxical as "This Sentence is False."

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  • Pragmatism is an Ideal (added 2008-06-28 by kd) Pragmistists have a dim view of idealism. However, pragmaticism is itself an ideal. The ideal of pragmatism is an example of dialectics at work.
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  • Heding Risk with Leverage (added 2009-03-21 by Kevin Delaney) The idea that one can hedge risk by leveraging derivatives is a paradox. When people follow this path they create deeper systemic risk.

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