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Hegemony is another one of the preoccupations of the modern world. Hegemony comes from the Greek ἡγεμονία (hēgemonia), it refers to the domination of one group over another.

Marxists, such as Antonio Gramsci (1891 – 1937), have argued that to hasten the revolution the left must gain hegemony in the schools, media, entertainment to gain political power.

From an academic perspective, it will always be possible to talk about one group having hegemony over other. Unfortunately, when societies make gaining hegemony the central focus of existence, they end up in absurd little culture wars with revolutionary and reactionary elements battling for supremacy.

When gaining hedgemony becomes the central theme of a culture, the society often ends up fracturing with the ends fighting the middle. I think it is better to concentrate on the well being of the individuals in society. In a multidimensional society where people are thriving, the battles between hegemones reduces.

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