Rich Theory



Rich Theory

Rich Theory is a belief that we live in a rich multidimensional universe. Rich Theory stands in conflict with modern theoris in mathematics and economics that try to reduce the dimensional complexity of the universe to foundational conflicts.

I use the same term to describe both a economic and mathematical theory.

Rich Theory in Economics

The economic side of Rich Theory states that wealth rises from the people in society. It starts with the observation that the human mind is the only object that reacts with money. Hence the value behind money comes from the people.

Realizing that the value of money comes from people, I conjecture that the human mind is the primary source of economic wealth. Hence, the most promising way for a society to become wealthy is to develop its people.

Rich Theory is slightly different than Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations. The Wealth of Nations was based on a societal view that simply noted that a free society generally does a better job optimizing its resources than a centrally controlled economy.

Rich Theory in Mathematics

Rich Theory in Mathematics began as a critique of Transfinite Theory. Transfinite Theory tries to reduce mathematics to a foundational conflict between the denumerable and transfinite numbers. The set of Rational Numbers is "denumerable" and the set of Real Numbers is "transfinite." A central feature of Transfinite Theory is a thing called "The Continuum Hypothesis" which states that there are two primary levels of the infinite: the denumerable and transfinite.

Rich Theory rejects the idea that there is a foundational conflict in mathematics. The theory claims that mathematics is multidimensional.

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