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The Resource Model for Web Development

Welcome, it's November 29, 2015 and PHP is finalizing the release of PHP 7.0. As I prepared for this major release, I relized that I've been extremely upset with the direction the programming has taken in the last decade.

For years I've been trying to program the way that experts tell us to program and I realized that following the dictates of experts was making me unhappy.

In this project, I decided to code the way I think code should be written.

So, I decided to use the release of PHP 7.0 as an excuse to return to the fundamentals and to question certain trends that have taken hold in web development. I will call this style "The Resource Model"

The Resource Model holds that web pages should be seen as a collection of independent resources, and that the code for web sites should not be forced into a class-hierarchy simply to appease design pattern snobs.

To start the project, I opened an SSD Cloud Account with The SSD Cloud Server uses super fast SSD drives.

Rather than copying in a pre-developed web site. I decided to create a project accessing the account with PuTTY and the text editor vi. (okay, the command "vi" actually loads "vim", but the point is that, to grow as programmer, one needs to periodically return the the basics).

The Record of Revisions will show the timeline of this escapade.

Image Credit: Marketing Segmentation by Jakub Jirsak