Record of Revisions

This page lists a record of revision for the Resource Model of Web Design project. I am starting the project by creating web pages with the vi text editor from an SSH session. I will add dynamic PHP and Postgres features as the project develops.

The links in the Date column go to blog posts about changes.

Revision History

2015-11-29kdindex.htmlCreated Splash page and dropped in stubs for the main section of the site (rev.html, code.html, history.html, vps.html and about.html.
2015-11-30kdvps.htmlAdded the vps.html page will will have specific notes on the SSD servers.
2015-12-01kdwritings.htmlI installed an SSL certicate on this site; then added rel="canonical" links on the pages.
2015-12-5kdsqlite.htmlI will start the site using SQLite as the primary database server and see how far I can go before switching to a real database.
2015-12-06kdhiearchy.htmlStarted a page on the transition from hierarchical databases to relational database.
2015-12-07kdindexI finally got PHP 7.0 working on the site. It turns out I had to log is a root and not use sudo.
2015-12-08kdtutorial.htmlI wrote the introduction for the tutorial.
2015-12-09kddisqus.htmlI added code for a discus thread in the remote chance there are people who are interested in discussing this project.
2015-12-12kdmsg.htmlWrote initial page for the notification procedure/object.
2015-12-07kddbMain.htmlWrote initial page for the dbMain function which encapsulates the PDO object.
2015-12-15kdview.phpDeveloped a code viewer to display source code for this site.
2015-12-17kdview.phpModified the code viewer so that it expands required() files. I moved the codeFormatter into its own file..