11/30/2015: PHP is releasing a major release titled PHP 7.0.

I decided to use this major upgrade as an excuse to switch my web sites from Westhost.com to the new SSD Virtual Servers hosted by VPS.net (Westhost and VPS.net are owned by the same company and use the same data centers). The VPS.net SSD Cloud uses the solid state SSD drives and are significantly faster than traditional cloud servers.

The starting price of the VPS.net product is $5/month. The $5/month gives you a virtual server with 20GB of diskspace. $5 a month comes to $60/year.

If a web site becomes popular, you can add additional nodes and diskspace at reasonable prices.

If you sign up for VPS.net, you can put the number 69032 in the coupon box at check out, you will get a $10 credit on your account and I will get a $10 credit in mine!

I am starting with my transition to VPS.net with my test domain yintercept.com. I intend to move my Community Sites; So, I bought two nodes to get an additional discount.

The resource project on this domain will contain a PHP Tutorial and general articles about programming. This page includes useful notes about VPS.net in specific.

VPS Specific Notes: