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Kevin's Guide to SteemIt

Welcome to guide to the wonderful world of SteemIt.
Please enjoy.

SteemIt Guide is a social media platform built around a smart media token called STEEM. Each time you upvote, you give the writer of the post a small amount of STEEM. The amount you give is determined by the STEEM POWER in your wallet. People can sell the STEEM they receive on the open market. This means it is possible to make money by interfacing with the platform.

Since the site is built around a crypto-currency it is radically different from other social media sites. Unfortunately the site is poorly documented; So I decided to make this presentation which explores my experience with

I made some mistakes when I started. For example, I wasted a bunch of time trying to get people to follow me. Following people is not as important as reading upvoting content: Read More.

I read an article that said I should just automatically upvote my own posts. This advice was foolish; so I wrote on article on the role of self-voting.

When I joined the price of STEEM was $4.00. I think it has fallen to the point that new accounts should consider buying STEEM.

BTW: My account has the handle yintercept. If you like this guide; please visit my blog and upvote my active post (yeah, I am greedy that way).

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