Resource Model for Web Design

Open Discussion

I am engaged in a major upgrade to PHP7.0 and HTML5. I decided to fully document and open source the code use to generate sites. I decided to call this base code The Resource Model to Web Design.

Once complete, I believe this code base will let just about anyone with basic HTML and programming skills to produce extremely fast and robust data driven web sites.

I would have open-sourced my code a decade ago, but my coding style is considered an "antipattern" by the intelligentsia. I let myself be intimidated and soured on the idea.

The project is in its infancy. I am actually writing this page in HTML with the vim text-editor. The site should evolve rapidly. I welcome discussions and comments; so I grabbed a snippet of discussion code from and invite people to chime in. The discussion is PHP/HTML/CSS.SVG/SQLite/MariaDB Web Programming: The Record of Revision Page shows changes as I make them. Right now I am just blocking out pages with HTML and am just starting the dynamic code.