Creating Images with AI

AI v. Stock Images.

Creating Images with AI

The public expects that each web post contains a unique image. This is a difficult chore as I like to blog about general concepts.

On April 17, 2023, I decided to buy 115 Credits from DALL-E Project on OpenAI for $15.00. This page will show the creations that I decided to use in blog posts. This page lists the prompts that I created. I will also include the return fromt the posts to see if I made a profit.

I suspect that the world of AI images will create complex copyright issues. One of the biggest copyright issues is that the "AI Images" are largely remixes from photographs posted on Flickr and other sources that used the "Creative Commons License." Problems occur as many of of the people creating flickr pages did not have the rights to release the photo as creative commons. It will be interesting to see how the copyright drama plays out.

AI Images

Below I list the AI images I generate with links to the locations where I use the images. Since the images were created by a computer, it is likely that the court will treat the images as public domain; so feel free to use them.

2023-05-19: I asked DALL-E 2 to create an anime character to announce the launch of the @idoodle account on PalNet. This account will be home to The Infinite Doodle. Here is exciting announcement.

2023-05-16: I created an image of a Neanderthal tryign to reinvent a wheel for a post about creating a web server from scratch.

2023-05-15: I created an image of a clown juggling knifes for a future post that describes investing in HE coins as a game of "catching falling knives.".

2023-05-12: There was a glitch with the first meme I created; So I decided to create a second meme titled "Screwdriver Bot to debug the glitch. I submitted the bug and the lead programmer of the NFTs fixed my first meme. I am selling both memes at cost.

2023-04-30: I contend that DALL-E provides a good base for memes as the system is based on images found in the creative commons. So, I decided to create a MEME NFT on hiveMe.Me.

2023-04-30: I asked DALL-E to produce an image of a boy trying to catch friends with a butterfly net for a burn posts I am down to 94 credits.

2023-04-30: I asked DALL-E to produce an image of a person sitting on the floor writing a blog for a burn post about the BLOG token.

2023-04-28: I asked DALL-E to produce an image of a robot marionette controlling two humans. DALL-E said that it does not do self portraits. After as little cajoling, I got this image which I used for a burn posts on HIVE. I am down to 96 credits.

2023-04-25: I thought it would be fun to have an image of "three trolls crouched under a bridge working on computers" for pages to address the messages one experiences on Twitter and social media. This is what DALL-E generated @burn posts on HIVE.

2023-04-24: I asked DALL-E to create an image showing coins buring in a fire which I will use for @burn posts on HIVE.

2023-04-23: I asked DALL-E to create an image of a fireball. I needed to tweek the image and burned 6 credits before getting the image which I used on a post for the @buynburn prjoect on HIVE.

2023-04-21: I asked DALL-E to "make a colorful abstract image of bertrand russell holding a pipe". I then used the AI picture to enhance a picture of Russell in self reflection. I will use the image on future posts about the reflexive paradox.

2023-04-17: I asked DALL-E to display an "An unhinged talk show host, sitting between two nondescript faceless figures, yells into a microphone while waving a book" to symbolize the left/right split. I will use the picture for later posts.

2023-04-17: I used the prompt Chef Looking at Burning Road in Oven to produce an image for a burn report on FoodiesUnite.

2023-04-17: (2 credits) Bees Bringing Coins from a Hive for a post on Meme Hive about using AI as the foundation for memes. I also penned a post about AI Images on Steemit