The Two Sides of The Coin

The Two Sides of the Coin is a book and podcast about the history of the Left/Right Split. I will make an attempt to keep the work as short and concise as possible.

I will publish each chapter of the work on the social media site PeakD. PeakD is on the HIVE Blockchain. It gives HIVE has a reward for posts.

If you aren't using HIVE, you can leave comments about the piece on my blogspot blog. If you contact me, I might be able to get you an account on HIVE.

Proof of Brain Posts

I decided to accept the monthly challnge from HiveBuzz and will publish a post a day. I hope to reassemble these posts for the Two Sides of the Coin Project. This is a list of articles that appear on Proof of Brain. Note, I am earning a cyber token called POB for the posts. The amount earn will help offset the cost of this and other web sites.

This will be the primary index for the project.