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The Web is about linking together ideas. This domain,, contains a work called Rich Theory. The purpose of this /themes directory is to provide a means for indexing the ideas of Rich Theory and linking.

The articles in this directory provide a paragraph or two on a theme followed by a section called What Links Here. The What Links Here section lists the internal and external pages that link to the page.

NOTE, all of the articles in the project have a What Links Here list. Index pages, like this, list the links on the page. The article pages list the links on a separate resource page.

Other Indexes Folders

I like the idea of an index folder; So, I decided to expand it and now have index folders with discussions of Current Events, Photo Essays and a folder for discussing the impact of the web on Local Communities.

Changing Themes

Please note, these themes pages are intended to be central linking mechanism for other works. The themes pages will change as I write the other articles. Observers will notice that I am dropping a large number of incomplete themes pages upfront so that I will have destinations for links. Both the links and content of these pages is intended to be dynamic.

What Links Here

Internal References

The following list shows "internal" pages that link to this page.

External References

The following lists shows links to external articles that link to this page.

  • Blogging Themes (added 2008-05-09 by kd) Blog Post introducing the themes directory.
  • yintercept blog (added 2008-05-15 by kd) My blog is on the domain (note the absence of the dash).
  • Themes Announced (added 2008-05-15 by kd) A blog post announces the release of this themes project.

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