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The Art of Link Development

Link Development

Link Development is such an important issue that I decided to dedicate a section of my site to it.

NOTE: the site is still under development. This page simply has a Disqus forum for comments from people interested in the topic.

The ability to link to other pages and web sites is the defining characteristic of HTML (HyperText Markup Language). HTML is the language of the web. The way that we link to other people should be a primary concern of anyone actively engaged in the Internet.

I should point out that all social media is centered around links. Your following and follower lists are simply lists of links.

Social media is simply a form of structured links. However, I contend, that before engaging in social media, people should about the nature of links and the power of direct web site to web site linking.

While the posts in this section talk about technical issues. I want to emphasize that this is a technical discussion that should involve everyone concerned about the direction of the Internet and their local communities.

My primary linking effort Community Color. Community Color has some 30,000 links to local sites. My referer's page shows inbound links to my site.

Disqus Forum

While waiting for my site redesign, I thought I would throw open a Disqus forum on the topic: