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A Hotlinked Image for a PoB Thread


The image above is an example of a hotlink.

Instead of making a copy of the file on this web site, I simply copied the URL of the image from another web site. In this case, I am hotlinking from protophoto.com, which is a site I own.

Hotlinking is akin to theft. I am using the resource from another site to enhance a page on this site. If I did not have permission to use the resources, then I would be both violating the copyright of the photographer who took the image and I would be stealing bandwidth from the site displaying the image. Hotlinking is a legal issue.

I gave myself permission to use an image I created.

Legal issues aside. I think Hotlinking is a great way build traffic on the net. If you clicked on the image, you would go to Protophoto.com. If you click on the image on that page, you would come back here.

It is likely that your web browser cached the image. Hotlinklng saved a little bit of bandwidth. It also gives a small SEO benefit to the picture.

So, lets say a group of people wanted to host a discussion across several web sites. The people engaged in the discussion could hotlink the images related to the subject. The images would help group the overall discussion.

I am using this image for a thread on Proof of Brain.