Cast of Characters

The cast of characters and outline are working document. I am using them to help solidify the structure of this piece. You probably should start with chapter 0, or perhaps with the introduction-if you like reading writing about writing.

I have a database of the characters and their different scenes. hope to minimize the number of inconsistencies of the work.

This character list and time line is largely for my own use. I want to make sure I spell the names the same throughout the story. You will find the presentation of the characters within the story far more interesting.

Character Description
Alma Matterson The protagonist - A peach colored icon with a tuft of red hair.
Peter Matterson (1) The ideal father - generated by KwalityTime
Peter Matterson (2) Alma's biological father. (This guy is a real loser. You might want to skip over everything we say about him. Number 1 is a lot better. Of course you miss third of the book.)
KwalityTime™ A software company that makes family enhancement software. The time you spend together should be KwalityTime™.
Rev. Hardin Thomas The project manager for the Kwality Time integrated program.
Esperante Matterson (1) The perfect soccer mom. The ideal homemaker. You know she will always be there for you, as she navigates the burbs in her ATV. Shuffling people between a successful career and successful family.
Esperante ?? (2) Alma's biological mother. She did a few pathetic things. Got pregnant. Died a few years later. Mother (1) is the perfect mom. Mom two is the quintessential let down. She never even got to drive a SUV. She did have a bus ticket once -- a long time ago, and there was almost a full moment of hope.
Tad Black A cream colored icon with black hair -- Alma's friend.
Martin White A beige icon with brown hair -- Another friend
Johnny May The golden bronze icon with flowing blonde hair. The football hero, track star (please don't look behind the curtain.)
Mary Evans A vision a beauty? a tom boy? Someone who is a bit clumbsy while trying to find her role? Perhaps somebody real? The final member of Alma's click.
Mark Shortlift A salutatorian from KT who has conquered, and well is currently locked in a janitor's closet. 
Darvin Carter A programmer at KT.

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